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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 24, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this morning, the faa ban on all u.s. flights in and out of israel have been lifted but we're also getting a closer look at aftermath in gaza after israeli tanks and war planes pummeled the gaza strip. we are live at philadelphia international airport with the latest on the crisis in the middle east. also this morning did you get enough sleep last night? it can be a challenge making sure you get enough z's but new there are ways you can track your sleep. that is coming up.
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let's check weather and traffic with katie and bob, good morning bob. >> ukee is like did you get enough sleep last night. in a cash ace like no. >> she was at lionel richie last night. >> you didn't see that. >> i saw it. >> i didn't either, i don't think we ever do on this shift, right. we are starting to see transition take place, in the weather pattern, much nicer forecast coming our way here as we wrap up the week. bob, it was a stormy night. thank god it is clearing out. >> maybe damp and wet this morning from the thunder boomers that rolled through. lets look live at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown three lanes into philadelphia, but construction projects still out there with us. i will run them down and check mass transit up next, natasha, good morning. we have new development as american air liners again, once again, fly into israel's main airport in tel aviv as faa lifts the ban. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry says progress is
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made for a cease-fire between israel and hamas. jane carabao joins us from philly international with more details, jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and natasha, good morning. faa lift that had ban right around midnight so, according to airport spokes people that the first flight leaving from philly will leave around 9:30 this evening. it is a least leave to a lot of people hoping to get to israel and looking to get their loved ones home from that country especially as the conflict really heat up. it is really hitting home now. both sides came out to dueling rally with is in center city. pro israel camp setting up at love park and pro palestinians setting autopsy cross the street. while both want an even they disagree about who the the agreeser is. we have spoke to several loved ones overseas who are oben so many support their loved ones rather who have decided to travel to that region including becca lifer's
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family, she's studding a broad in israel next summer. >> it is a time more than anything that americans need to show their support for israel and i'm proud to be able to show my support by going over there and more americans need to do so. >> reporter: as far as people who are thinking about traveling, the at a different time or changing their trip, a spokesperson for u.s. airways says that you can do so, through august with no change fee, we usually have one flight that goes out of philly and comes into philadelphia, a day into tel aviv. next coming in from tel aviv is scheduled for tomorrow morning. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". here is your traffic and weather together, katie. >> good morning everybody. we have had some very nasty thunderstorms that came through here last night but they are continuing to clear out. as they do so we will have a much more comfortable air mass that starts to settle on in across our area there may still be a shower for some out here this morning but generally speaking again we
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will see things clearing out with time. let take a look as we can put things into motion and see how things are shaping up, not too much happening right now, locally just yet you do still have lingering showers long i-95, traveling down toward baltimore, d.c. area damp road from a fresh additional round of showers out there but that is basically things winding down on the back edge of our latest frontal boundary. you can see back through pitberg, clearing skies, back that way and it just will be a matter of have time before we get in on. that what that does is bring some relief, we will see jet stream dip south, remember jet stream is high above surface of the earth here thousands of feet above and that is basically where you see difference in air mass from cool dry verse warm and moist, as well as with the storm tracking out to sea, it will bring in this brief cool down from where we stood yesterday. quick check of the network you can see back edge there, brightening up in the
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atmosphere outside whitefield elementary school where we stan at 71. we will see temperatures rebound in the mid 80's and as skies clear it is not as hot as yesterday and with time humidity will start to drop off and feel a lot better and clears out too. no umbrellas required, i think you can getaway with it today, bob, over to you. 5:35. good morning, everybody. everything is damp and wet from the storms that held through here last night. lets take a quick tour around town with a live look at an accident right at the on ramp to the northbound northeast extension, anyone coming out through the toll plaza, as you head up towards the extension and work zone, it looks like that right lane gets by but we're opened as we see traffic there lets get to the airport on your way dunn to philly international, in problems or delays at all on the tote board there in the background but i-95 between ridley and the airport, some dust kicking up from that overnight construction which they just pick up. busy day here in and out of
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south philadelphia, we have baseball game this afternoon at one clear see owe five start. we will see unusual late morning lunchtime volume heading in and then bam instant traffic jam once that game is over and then we have an event a across the street that kicks up at 7:00 o'clock. we will have folks leaving and coming into south philadelphia all at the same time, ukee and natasha back to you. in business news, this morning tips from the better business bureau. >> and how facebook is doing money watch's jill wagner joins us liroood morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and in a cash a the here's a status facebook is sure to like. profits at social media giant doubled in the last quarter. that is thanks in part to the huge jump in mobile advertising. facebook added 40 million users which means that 1/5th 5 of the world's population now logs once a in. facebook stock is surging,
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investors who bought facebook when it first went public are close to double their money. market on the hole were milk yesterday, s and p climb to a new record high, the the dow jones fell nearly 27 points, the nasdaq added more than 17 points. a warning for runners, the better business bureau said itself several complaints about two different companies that organize 5k runs, both have abruptly canceled running events and in some cases without refunding runners. the bbb says before registering for an event you should research the company hosting it, and also pay with a credit card because those charges are easier to dispute then cash. brittany spears is launching her own lingerie line called the international collection that includes brass, underwear, pajamas and other relaxed wear. items cost between 17 and $79, the line launches september 9th and 3 two-year old pop star says her sexy
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luxurious and comfortable at the same time. ukee and natasha. >> i got nothing. >> ukee has got nothing. >> sound like a good deal though. >> yes. >> all right, jill, thanks very much. our time 5:38. main line mcdonald's employee is facing serious charge these morning accused of selling more than burger. alan trammel is and reza accused of selling track. under cover officers say they arranged several deals with him that took place in the mcdonald's parking lot over in radnor township. >> when he was working at the mcdonald's he with walk out in the parking lot and at which time he would sell crack cocaine in package form to the under cover officers. one minute he is out dealing in the parking lot with the crack cocaine and then back there preparing food. is there health concerns there as well. >> trammel was arraigned and now in the delaware county jail. there are unsung heroes in every war but now some vets are making sure that our four legged soldiers are getting
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recognition that they deserve and find a new home. >> part of the m to reunite retired military dogs with their hand letters. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur has that story. >> reporter: chris shields of northeast philadelphia, calls the decision to adopt broncho a no brainer. >> see him running over to me. he knew compactly who i was. >> reporter: rightfully so as members of the u.s. navy they were battle mate in afghanistan, at the time broncho was four years old, today he he is 12. we met then through a fill based group in dog gets left behind as we met former marine s through united states war dogs association based in burlington, new jersey. >> i was in vietnam back in 1966/67 when my dog stormy. i still think about my talk every day. >> reporter: both are advocates of the national defense authorization act of 2013, a law design to provide care for retired military dogs. >> signed into law, it is over
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a year ago new but it has mountain been implemented in anyway. >> reporter: so on when supporters traveled to washington to hold congress accountable. we are told u.s. military keeps 3200 dogs in combat zones and on average 10 percent of them retired each year. the goal they say, is to return dogs to the former handlers but for some it is impossible because it is too expensive. >> they retire them because they have health issues. >> they did two tourness afghanistan. we went out and did narcotics troll. wow go until he could in the go anymore. >> reporter: shield spent hundreds a in on broncho's medical bills, but calls their one priceless. his hope with support from the public with letters to local legislators. >> good boy. >> reporter: more hero hand letters can provide a forever home for their combat partners. from northeast philadelphia i'm elizabeth hur for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wonderful. >> so sweet. if you have have applied
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for a passport it might take longer than expect. we will tell but a glitch that is causing a big delay. a tragic end to a teen pilot's quest to set a new world record flying around the world. tracking your sleep high tech ways you can make sure you're getting enough receipts at night. katie? well, ukee, you may have been dealing with a storms here last night but thankfully worse of them are pulling out of here as skies clear we are looking ahead to nice weather. i will tell you how long this pattern is set to last, coming up. >> ♪ >> wait a minute. >> i thought that was iggy, that is not iggy good our main weird al is making billboard history, we will have the word on that on the other side good morning.
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here's today's headlines on cbs-3, faa ban on flight to and from israel has been lifted but violence continues. secretary of state john kerry is trying to negotiate a cease-fire between hamas and israel. mother and daughter injured in the feltonville food truck explosion earlier this month has passed away, 11 other people were injured in that explosion. fire at a home in ardmore is under control this morning and search is on for a cause.
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investigators say home on cricket avenue was under going renovations and this were no injuries. lets get traffic and weather together with katie. >> good morning everybody. yet another photo that came in last night i would like to call shawn within of our gold star eyewitness photographers, he send in so many awesome photos and every time i say his last name wrong. he has called me out before but shawn, thanks for this one, we love your photos and we say that to all of you. send in your photos. up load them right there on you weather app but make sure it is safe to do so. let me lighten up the sky all across the delaware valley last night were thousands of lightening strikes. is there the frontal boundary with the cloud cover. we have lingering moisture to work w we are still in transition mode. bottom line is it gets better with time here. you will still be left with the lingering shower in a couple spots and thunder but skies do clear throughout the take and you'll see more and more sun, from northwest to south east, high up to 86.
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it is cooler by comparison but 86 is still quite warm and in fact close tore seasonal then yesterday was. mainly clear, way more comfortable tonight if you want to for go that air conditioning, 64 comfortable degrees, nice breath of fresh air here. eyewitness weather seven day keeping it in the mid to upper 80's here, tomorrow is my favorite day, most comfortable and then we will see potential for some showers or storms, returning especially by sunday but what is you're owe from the peanut gallery. >> tomorrow is your favorite. >> friday is my favorite. >> that is my favorite movie. >> i watch it constantly. >> don't blame it on that. >> my man. >> good morning, his favorite parties when he runs in and bang s his head in the l
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>> good i-95 northeast philadelphia, come on up and adam time to get to work as we head southbound, we are start to go see some volume. this is the the construction zone in toward diwntown philadelphia hello, malvern. live look at 202 in the construction zone we have two lanes between 401 and chesterbrookuld.ims damp and wm thunder boomers from last night. an accident just outside city limits here township line road at church road, crews are still working on the turnpike and eastbound crew right here near iladelphia bensalem interchange, gone to the baseball game 1:59 o'clock start on your way home penndot could still beut h webound on the schuylkill between university and south, hopefully they will pick up those cones and have that opened for baseball fans on the way home. commodore barry, bennie, walt whitman all looking good and mass transit has in delays, ukee, back over to you. we have got some breaking news just into our news room reports are in that an algeria
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passenger plane has disappeared from radar. the flight ah5017 took off from west africa and was on the way to algiers 3,000-mile trip. >> aviation authorities lost contact about 50 minutes after take off, we are told this plane was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members at the time. this is all breaking and developing right now, but we will stay on top of this and update you as we learn more information about this. tragedy strikes an indiana family on a mission to set a world record. seventeen year-old harris suleman and his father had circled the globe when their plane crash in the pacific ocean on tuesday night. harris was attempting to become the youngest pilot to fly around the world fastest in the single engine plane. their family say the two had trained for the worst. >> they took a course on how to survive an ocean landing or
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ocean crash, but you know, you can practice all you want but sometimes things don't go the way you planned. >> suleman and his father were supposed to rush home this sat take. state department says that the computer glitch has caused major delays in the past port and visa issuance operations around the world this could potentially leave millions of people waiting for travel documents and a spokesmen says the problem is worldwide the its embassies and in the specific to any country. it has mostly affect u.s. citizens been abroad. officials say the problem should be fix and fix soon. since you're up this early you know getting enough sleep can really be quite a challenge. have you tried one of those sleep monitors? fitness trackers now offer the services but what are they really telling bus our bodies and our rest. c-net sum i does visited stanford sleep center found out. >> they in the only count our steps and calories burn, many
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provide sleep steps but can you trust that data? we asked an expert at stanford center for sleep sciences. >> the reason why these devices are good because it puts emphasis on sleep. most adults in the u.s. are somewhat sleep deprived. >> reporter: but are they accurate? devices offer relatively little data as compared to the gold standard for measuring sleep, poly son graph i. >> , poly songraphy is a collection of different measures we use to define and characterize sleep. we start with eeg which are little electrical wires that measure your brain waves. it includes measures like a snore mike, belts around your chest and your abdomen that will record your breathing. >> reporter: fitness trackers use accelerators. >> they are measuring an indirect approximation of sleep through movement. in order to make these estimations, deep or light sleep, they are probably using an algorithm that takes into
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account the relative amount of movement that a person is having over the course o t night. >> reporter: fitness trackers met straight tus get o they coun sumi does for for redwood city, california i'm cbs news. word is late show is staying in new york. >> steven colbert will not only be following in david letter map's footsteps but he will do it on the exact same stage. cbs, parent company of this station says colbert will keep his show in the big apple at the the ed sullivan theater. his debut date is still up in the air at this point but it depend on when dave decides he is ready to sign off. fifty shades of gray fans this is for you, you can get your first glimpse of the upcoming steamy movie. movie trailer is being released on line. you have to wait until volume tines day though to see the actual film. ryan gosling is having quite the year, madam to so's
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unveils a new wax statue in london yesterday. statue will eventually be moved to the museum, opening in orlando next year. >> boy that is good. ♪ >> here he goes weird al hits number one on billboard's charts his brand new comedy album mandatory fun, sold more than 100,000 copies. he is a pop song parity artist gained popularity in the mid 80's. this is his 14th studio album. crank it up, we will be r right back.
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good morning, in a cash a
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good morning, everybody. on storm scan three we have activity to track. in lightening issues at this point. we had enough of that for one tonight yesterday but we are left with lingering showers through the southern half of our area most of it is yet to even arrive. it is on the way right now moving over baltimore, d.c. area look at the wind direction, it is in the terribly breezy but because we are seeing that northwest flow take over a dryer, much more comfortable air mass is also starting to settle in. so that does bode well for forecast here as skies clear, feels better, tomorrow looks fabulous. temperatures back in the mid 80's, bob, over to you. 5:54. off to a good start this morning. we will deal with sun glare. roads are damp and wet from the rain. live look at platt bridge as we use platt to go to the baseball game 1:05 start there is a new speed limit on the platt bridge. they took it from 45 town to 35 miles an hour, crash out here in warminster county line road at blair mill red and watch for delays today both
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directions on route 100 they are diagnosis road work near route 113 at downingtown interest change, you'll find construction delays, stay
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a mystery tipper known for leaving huge tips is in the big easy these days. >> one new orleans waiter is $10,000 richer, wow, that is a heck of a tip this picture was posted on instagram after someone ran up a $9,000 bill and left a $10,000 tip. picture was posted under the name tips for jesus whic has created a nationwide buzz from previous enormous tips. waiters all over town are really doing their best now, i can see why. >> wow. >> we will be right back stay with u
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>> a h5017 took off from west africa and on the way to algiers, a 3,000-mile trip. "eyewitness news" has learned that the plane was carrying about 110 passengers and six crew members on game. this all just breaking. we will stay on top of this and update you throughout the morning. as soon as we get more information. developing overnight, faa is lifting the n on air travel to and from israel's main airport inelv rain down on e strip. take a look at new video secretary of state john ker says thseen some progress made during a cease-fire between israel and hamas. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live at the the philadelphia international


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